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Welcome to the experience centre where people’s imaginations are turned into reality. The only thing limiting us is the depth of imagination. You Dream, We Build.

Who Are We

JPMB Technologies is a Nigerian digital agency with a 5+ year track record helping conscientious companies, sustainable brands, and nonprofits solve problems and meet digital marketing goals.

With consultancy, design, and development services in-house, we integrate digital products and services into our clients’ business models to achieve measurable results. We have helped organizations find success online. How can we help you?

Our Philosophy

Our ability to collaborate with multiple fields from graphic artists to programmers help make sure that we provide the best possible outcome project by project thereby help making people’s imaginations a reality

Our Mission

Here At JPMB, we pride ourselves in the simple fact that we do not just provide functionality but also experience. Anything other than that is failure.

Our Approach

Our product-driven approach gets straight to the point by putting working products into people’s hands. We evolve the strategy quickly, the idea becomes tangible and testable and creates immediate business impact


Do you feel like working with us?

Here is our step by step approach to delivering your project

1. Research

After meeting with you to know the problem you want to solve, We assign a dedicated team to start research work on what approaches to take in delivering the maximum result available

2. Analysis

After arriving at the conclusion of the research stage of the project, we then analyze the approaches available to solving your problem. At this stage, we rank the approaches from different angles to have a better idea of the experience/cost/benefit ratios of each.


3. Discussion

At this stage, we meet again to decide what approach to take in implementing the project while also taking account of your preferences

4. Implementation

At this stage of the process, we implement the desired approach, and then deliver your digital solution to the problem being tacked.

What Do We Offer

Below are the services which we offer

Graphic And Brand Design

We create distinctive brand experiences that can cover every digital and physical point of contact and interaction with a brand. Our contributions keep the brand relevant in a changing world, set the brand apart from competitors, and build the brand’s long-term equity

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Success in social media is largely measured by audience engagement. To achieve high engagement, we recommend that businesses be in constant interaction with their following across all major platforms. Publishing engaging content is also an important part of social media strategy. All published content and creative should motivate followers to visit your website to learn more about your brand message. Once followers understand your brand story, there is greater potential for them to become your customer.

Web Development

Your audience has a lot of assumptions about how your website or digital product should function. A poor experience could cost you. Our team of in-house web developers work to provide you with a solution that’s a perfect blend between your business requirements and your audience’s expectations.

Custom Design and Printing

The allure of personal branding on our belongings has never been higher. At JPMB Technologies, We develop custom brands to meet tour needs ranging from custom branded wears e.g T-shirts to covers devices and objects e.g Laptop.


Our IOS and Android app developers are always looking to bring something special to our clients’ app projects. We work in native programming languages and adhere to Google and Apple’s design style guidelines for best user experiences. We can also take these best practices and work in technologies such as Xamarin on the front end and Python Django for web services and content management. We love hearing new ideas and are not afraid to experiment.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has three main aims: increase brand awareness, re-engage subscribers/customers, and customer retention. You may be already familiar with these three conversion-driven actions and you may also be well aware of their importance in the success of your business. You have probably used different marketing strategies with varying levels of success. But what if there is one high-performing marketing strategy that you are missing out from?


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